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The attorneys at Murphy & Mood, P.C. represent clients in a variety of legal matters. Their broad expertise and experience provides them with the analytical and litigation skills to provide counsel in your matter.

The firm’s practice areas include the following. Please click on a practice area to find out more:

  • Civil litigation
  • Family law
  • Contracts
  • Landlord/tenant matters
  • Criminal litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Attorney grievance representation

Civil litigation — Cases can involve disputes of private law issues between individuals, businesses or non-profit organizations. Civil litigation can also entail public law issues.

Family law — Divorce and custody cases may be resolved through mediation but can go to trial. Families need sensitive guidance through these emotionally difficult cases.

Contracts — Disputes over contracts are common, but can be complex. A contract intends to formalize an agreement between two or more parties concerning a particular subject matter.

Landlord/tenant — Landlords and tenants have rights, duties and responsibilities that can fall under federal, state, and local laws.  These set the minimum standards for living conditions.  Many issues often come up between parties.

Estate planning — Goals of estate planning include ensuring that the greatest amount of the estate passes to the estate owner’s beneficiaries, while paying the least amount of taxes and minimizing probate court involvement.  Wills, trusts and powers of attorney are created.

Criminal defense — This area includes all procedures and penalties connected with charging, trying, sentencing and imprisoning defendants of crimes including murder.

Attorney grievance — Murphy & Mood, P.C. has a strong reputation within the legal community. When lawyers are in trouble, they come to this firm.

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